About Us

Our zeal for excellence is insatiable. We deliver quality.

The Viraj group, An ISO 9001 Certified Company & a star export house, was born in 1994. What started in the year 1994 as a humble beginning, with just one webbing loom and ten braiding machines, is now a sprawling manufacturing infrastructure spread over 1 million square feet - that specializes in the field of Narrow Woven Fabrics & Braided Cords & Ropes.

Viraj has a staggering monthly production capacity of manufacturing 40 million linear meters of webbing and braided ropes on a more than 50 high speed weaving looms & 150 - top of the line high speed braiding machines.

Being a vertically integrated company, we offer extensive customization every aspect of the product, whether it is design & prototype development , twisting & winding , warping, weaving, dyeing , Finishing & Coating.

Our factory floor is lined up with machines from all around the world that enables us to maintain global standards in terms of quality.

Our state-of-art machinery coupled with professional knowledge and an expert team enables us to deliver the highest quality products available.

With a presence in over 50 countries and 30 years of experience, Viraj has truly become the backbone of companies - delivering highest quality products with the fastest delivery times.

Keeping up with the legacy of innovation at Viraj group, we have consistently been manufacturing over 2000 different patterns in specialty textiles.

Viraj continues to meet the demands of the parachute industry by offering both Class 1a (critical use, shuttle less / needle loom) and Class 2 (non-critical use, shuttle less / needle loom) material.

Since the Parachute Industry Association (PIA) has taken control of the narrow woven fabrics, Viraj offers both Mil-Spec webbing and PIA-Spec webbing.

In 2020, Viraj Syntex was awarded a contract to develop Para Aramid Tapes, Webbings & Braided Cords for Parachute to be used in Gaganyaan , first mission by the Indian Space Research Organization to send a three-member crew to space by 2024.

As a result of Viraj strong commitment to quality, the company has developed a top rate lab testing facility. Test reports and certificates of conformance as per specifications are available upon request.

Thanks to the skilled , experienced & certified workforce of over 400 men & women having technical knowledge - running every aspect of production, the Viraj group is well equipped to meet any and all sorts of unique and custom product requirements.